October 24, 2023

"Excellent work on detailing my Camry"
July 9, 2023

"Brought my light duty SUV to Precision to be detailed and cleaned. Steve did a fantastic job and it was just like it was brand new again. Will definitely be back."
June 5, 2023

"Steve was very helpful and the service left my car like brand new."
March 9, 2023

"I drove through a puddle of white paint that splashed speckles of paint all over the passenger side and tailgate of my SUV. By the time I noticed the mess it had completely dried and I was unable to clean it myself. Steve managed to clean it all off and put a great shine back on my vehicle. Very happy with Steve's work."
February 14, 2023

"Great job, inside and outside. Looks like a new car. Would highly recommend"
Precision Detailing & Pressure Washing